Flexxcape is manufactured from virgin and recycled PVC in its raw/natural state with no dyes or pigments. The proprietary combination of materials and methods of manufacturing give Flexxcape the best combination of durability, strength, flexibility, and economy. 


Material - Flexible PVC
Color -  Natural
Thickness - 3/8 inch 
Weight -  .89 lbs sq ft 
Roll Width - 42 inches
Roll Length - 45 feet
Roll Area - 155 sq ft
Roll Weight - 121 lbs
Rolls per Pallet - 15
Area per Pallet - 2,325 sq ft
Pallet Weight - 1,820 lbs
Pallets per Truckload - 16
Weight per Truckload - 29,120 lbs 

Tensile Strength (ASTM D4595) - 47 lbs sq in
Tear Tolerance (ASTM D624) - 24 lbs sq in
Compressive Resistance (ASTM D1621) - 110 psi @ 50% compression
Penetration Resistance (ASTM G17) - 55% @ 48 hours, 200 psi
Melt Temperature - 340-360 F

The patented extrusion process delivers consistent strands that are chemically bonded to each other, creating a series of irregular loops and an undulating surface. This this matrix performs the core bunker liner role. The natural flexibility of the PVC composition allows it perform in all golf course settings, working particularly well in climate zones that encounter common freeze thaw cycles during winter months. Product flexibility also enhances conformity to the bunker base and ensures static positioning within the bunker.